Revised April 2, 2024
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Free updates may be requested by previous customers within the 12 months following a purchase. There is no longer a discount offering. Previous customers must pay the full product price for upgrading after 12 months following the date of original purchase.

December 29, 2023: PipeThk4_.xlsm revised. Added hoop stresses for each thickness, T.

December 11, 2023: PipeThk4_.xlsm completely rewritten. Both onshore and offshore calculations are now on one sheet. The formulas for onshore with D / tn ratio less than 20 are assumed based on the offshore formula. I look for B31.4 to add the missing formula in a future B31.4.

July 30, 2023: PipeThk8_xlsm acceptance statements and formatting were revised. Conflcting statements of single user or multiuser agreements were revised in this web site.

June 30, 2023: Added ASME B31.9 Building Services Piping (contains 4 calculator files plus Miscellaneous).

March 22, 2023: Revised multi-user statement and aded security statement.

March 13, 2023: Reduced number of products to 10.

March 11, 2023: Unprotected cells on Retrieved sheet in PipeThk4 file.

February 25, 2023: Updated B31.3 files to ASME B31.3-2022 edition. Revised materials data, including most of the Notes from Table A-1 and Table K-1.

January 17, 2023: Updated B31.8 files to ASME B31.8-2022 edition (Revised API 5L materials).

January 5, 2023: Updated B31.4 files to ASME B31.4-2022 edition (Revised API 5L and iron materials).

December 22, 2022: In the IntBr3.xlsm file: Corrected formula for minimum size of added weld metal on Branch sheet, cell K88, amd added comments in cells Q87 and Q88.

December 15, 2022: Updated this set of MS Excel files according to B31.1-2022 edition. The Safety Valve file has multiple changes.

May 11,2022: In the ReinfS1.xlsm file, updates were made to the warnings for required pipe thicknesses.

April 27, 2022: In the ReinfS1.xlsm file, corrected minimum required thicknesses, tmh and tmb.
April 27, 2022: Flange data was updated to the B16.5-2020 edition in all affected products.

March 11, 2022: Updated files to B31.8-2020 edition. Updated file IntrBr4.xlsm.

October 18, 2021: Added new file for SIF i-Factors & k-Factors (Stress Intensification and Flexibility Factors)

July 24, 2021: In Pipe3.xlsm: design pressures on MAWP (1) sheet in row 10 are converted with selected units factors. Thanks Marc Smidt!

June 25, 2021: Updated B31.3 files to B31.3-2020 edition.

March 6, 2020: Reduced pricing by %50.

October 5, 2020: Updated B31.5 files to B31.5-2019 version.

September 27, 2020: Updated B31.1 files to B31.1-2020 version.

July 12, 2020: Bend1.xlsm and Bend3.xlsm have corrections to dimension units. Also dimension data tables were revised.

December 23, 2019: Updated files to B31.4-2019 edition.

September 14, 2019: Updated colors and conditional formatting in numerous files of the full suite.

September 11, 2019: Updated layout in the B31.3 extruded outlet calculator file. Changed conditional formatting and colors in the B31.3 files.

August 27, 2019: Updated files to B31.3 -2022 edition, which had significant material data revisions.

January 25, 2019: Corrected Pipe3 file which needed 3 cells unprotected and dimensions sheet unprotected by macro.

January 6, 2019: Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing for two B31.1 calculators: A new file, LeakTest.xlsm, was developed for required thicknesses with leak testing. The old allowable pressures file, Pipe1_.xlsm, now includes leak testing.

December 19, 2018: Hydrostatic and pneumatic testing for two B31.3 calculators: A new file was developed for required thicknesses with leak testing. The old allowable pressures file now includes leak testing.

November 29, 2018: Updated B31.8 fi;es to 2018 version. Added onshore required thickness formulas for case of D/t less than 30. Numerous notations and macros were changed.

September 5, 2018: Updated B31.1 fi;es to 2018 version. Numerous notations and macros were changed.

June 4, 2018: In Prop1.xlsm, corrected cell reference in weight of pipe formula .

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