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Complete Suite
B31.1 +B31.3 +B31.4 +B31.5 Pkg.
B31.1 +B31.3 +B31.5 Pkg.
B31.1 +B31.3 Pkg.
B31.1 -2020
B31.3 -2018
B31.4 -2019
B31.5 -2016
B31.8 -2018
(5) Allowable Pressures
(5) Required Thicknesses
(5) Reinforced Weld Branch
(5) Reinforced Extruded Outlet
(4) Reinforced Extruded Outlet Tapping Split Tee
(5) Reinf Wld Br + (5) Req'd Thk
Single Files

September 21, 2020


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