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November 29, 2018

Calculators for Piping Design

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Basic B31.3 Package  - for single user:
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  This package is for use with Excel 2007 and later. Files contain VBA macros. View Cart
  1. Calculators per ASME B31.3 -2016, Process Piping:
    1. Allowable Pressures of Pipe & Tube (para. 304.1)
    2. Required Thicknesses of Pipe & Tube (para. 304.1)    
    3. Branch Reinforcement (two files):
      1. One file allows design of individual branches and can check for overlapping reinforcement zones.
      2. Another file has a table w/ up to 190 branches.
    4. Pipe Bending Required Thickness and Allowable Pressure
    5. Mitered Elbow Required Thickness and Allowable Pressure
    6. Flexibility and Stress Intensification Factors
    7. Extruded Outlet Pipe Branch Reinforcement
    8. Extruded Outlet Tapping Tee (Split, Welded, Complete Encirclement)
    9. Integrally Reinforced Branch Outlet Fitting (ref. MSS SP-97) (NEW 11/7/2017)
    10. Line Blanks, Line Spacers, Spectacle Blinds (Fig-8's), and Restricting Orifices.
    11. Material and Dimensional Properties of Pipe and Tube (Dimensions, Stresses, Young's Modulus, Thermal Expansion, weights, UNS numbers)
    12. Chapter IX High Pressure -- Allowable Pressures of Pipe & Tube
    13. Chapter IX High Pressure -- Required Thicknesses of Pipe & Tube
    14. Chapter IX High Pressure -- Extruded Outlets
  1. Miscellaneous:
    1. Support Span, Shoe Bearing, Pipe Weights (including refractory lined & plastic lined)   
    2. Jacketed Pipe Weight and Data Calculations
    3. Jacketed Pipe Theoretical Column Buckling
    4. Theoretical External Collapsing Pressure (not per ASME)
    5. 3-D Offset and Triangle Dimension Calcs
    6. Expansion Joint Data Sheet
    7. Spring Hanger Data Sheet
    8. Pipe Bend Dimensions (Angle, Offset, and Special)
    9. Dimension Calculator, Metric & US Customary (mm, ft-inch-fraction, and decimal)
    10. Linear Interpolation - Example returns stress value after choice of material and temperature.

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